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SOLA is a solar installation company in South Africa. We have offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and operate throughout the African continent.

SOLA grows businesses, connects communities and helps people prosper through our industrial and commercial scale solar projects and the adoption of clean energy throughout the African continent.

Our solar PV and storage solutions harness low-cost, clean energy and assist African businesses and governments to prosper, creating a better future for all.

The SOLA Group represents significant experience and engineering expertise in the field of solar PV in Africa. From SOLA’s experience and capabilities in utility-scale solar PV project development, to Commercial and Industrial Solar EPC and PPA solutions, to energy storage and microgrid engineering, SOLA is able to service a myriad of large-scale energy needs.

The SOLA Group combines forces from two historically interlinked companies: Aurora Power Solutions and SOLA Future Energy. The former focused on utility-scale solar project development and financing, whilst the latter provided turnkey EPC and O&M solar solutions to the commercial market. Combined, the expertise and experience of the group enables the servicing of large-scale clients throughout the African continent.

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321 MW

PPA Projects

64 MW

C&I Projects incl. Awarded,
Designed And Built

51 MW

Projects Currently

7.2 MWh

Storage Projects
Awarded, Designed
and Built

Current And Past Clients

Buy solar energy

SOLA’s extensive experience in project development and financing includes 275 MW of projects developed during Rounds 1 to 4 of South Africa’s REIPPP programme.

Build a solar installation

SOLA has built over 50 MW of commercial and industrial solar PV solutions for commercial clients. Their service offering includes engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services which fulfill a range of different energy needs and client requirements.

Operate a solar PV system

SOLA offers cutting-edge operations and maintenance, which includes sophisticated monitoring and reporting, enabling clients to track their energy savings and ROI on a monthly basis.

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Planned Power or Roof Space

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*”Planned power” in kW is different to your monthly kWh energy consumption. If you know your monthly kWh consumption but not your power in kW, divide your total kWh by the amount of hours in the month to get a kW value. e.g. 500 kWh/720 hours in a 30 month day = 0.69 kW

Current And Past Clients

Awards and accolades

SOLA Build has a CIDB rating of 7EP
SOLA - Vision 2030 Badge_ Finalist_ENERGY AWARD
Winner of the SANEA Project of the Year Award
Founding Member

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